Open Your Nearshore Development Office in Poland

Rich software development talent pools
Highest quality at affordable rates

Excellent infrastructure

 EU/US time zones

Nearshore Software Development Office in Poland

Scale your software development team by opening a nearshore office in Poland

We can help you by

 Providing initial talent so that you don’t have to wait for months for first engineers to join your initiative

 Scaling up the team according to your expectations to the point where it can fully operate as independent nearshore development office

 Transfer the ownership (or not) of newly create nearshore office when the time comes


See why companies are opening their offices in Poland

Nearshore software development has many advantages and is considered as the best way to secure growth and support innovativeness in organizations.


Over 800 000 engineers

There are over 800 000 engineers in Poland located around biggest cities such as Warsaw, Cracow and Wroclaw.

Competitive pricing

Despite it's rapid growth Poland remains one of the most competitive countries when it comes to pricing.

High working standards

Polish developers are oftentimes described as highly professional, diligent and humble while maintaining high working standards.

Outstanding language skills

Programming is important, so as communication. Many years of being the service center of Europe let us develop that amazing skill at highest level.

Western culture

Polish people share many similarities when it comes to the approach to work as well as day to day life with Western countries such as UK, Germany or France.

Easy scaling

Nearshore Developement Office is a long-term play. Your NDO partner can provide ongoing support on scaling the software development team.

Take advantage of the largest software talent pools and attractive rates and scale your business.

Poland has became the largest software powerhouse in Europe. Companies like Google, Microssoft, Cisco, IBM have already invested in R&D centers here.

Software Engineers

More than 700 000 Experts

Product Owners & Project Managers

More than 50 000 Experts

Cyber Security Engineers

More than 30 000 Experts

Product Designers

More than 20 000 Experts

Superb urban and academic locations for IT investments.

Poland is a well known software powerhouse of Europe with over 600 000 software developers (ranked in top 3 worldwide for several years) located in 15 main urban, academic locations with great infrastructure and strong business environment.



0,8M population, 13% of total Software Developers supply

nearshore software development team


1,8M population, 24% of total Software Developers supply


0,7M population, 12% of total Software Developers supply


1,8M population, 9% of total Software Developers supply


0,7M population, 8% of total Software Developers supply


0,7M population, 7% of total Software Developers supply


0,6M population, 6% of total Software Developers supply


0,5M population, 4% of total Software Developers supply

We specialize in building software development centers with variety of skills and technologies.


It takes only few weeks to setup software development team.

Small software development team 5-10 people

Delivery time: 0-2 months

Small nearshore development office 10-20 people

Delivery time: 1-2 months

Medium nearshore development office 20-30 people

Delivery time: 2-4 months

Large nearshore development office 20-30 people

Delivery time: 4+ months

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NxTide SDR Report

Learn how we helped Atom Bank to build nearshore development office.

Atom Bank was looking for experienced, high-quality programmers to complement the existing UK team and add engineering capacity. This is why they choose to cooperate with NxTide…

World-class support you can expect from NxTide team

We know that starting a project in another country can be challenging. That is why we have created NxTide – a group of experienced business consultants and IT Managers to offer “soft landing” for our clients.


Experienced IT Managers

NxTides' core management have a real hands-on experience in managing IT projects and leading software development teams.

Supportive HR Team

Our professional HR Consultants are highly skilled to operate efficiently and fast in a dynamic and difficult IT market.

it build operate transfer

Business Procedures

We have developed our own procedures and know-how that allow us to adjust to every need of our cleints.

Recruitment speed & quality combined

We are constantly developing and scaling our HR Teams to meet our client’s growing needs.

Since the official launch, we have developed the capacity to hire up to 15 IT professionals per month. This number is growing every month due to the high demand.

Professional nearshore software development partner

We can offer help to company of any size and needs. We have created small software teams (5-10 people) and sophisticated nearshore / offshore development center (up to 200 software engineers).

Nearshore Development Office in Poland

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