Rewriting the rules of an IT outsourcing market. That’s who we are!

One company – two brands

My name is Marcin and I’m the founder of the NxTide, a very specialized brand of a much bigger company – Pragmatic Coders (which we manage together with my friend and co-founder – Wiktor Żołnowski).


At this point, you may ask, why a single software development company has two different brands? I’ll try to answer by telling you our story.

The rise of Pragmatic Coders

Our joint adventure with Pragmatic Coders started about 8 years ago after providing advanced Scrum training by Wiktor for a French / Polish company – WebInterpret. The client simply asked us if we could help him to find a software house that does what was just said. Instead of recommending someone, we decided to establish our own software development company.

NxTide brand – the new business concept

Having served our clients for many years as a product development company we’ve never been interested in typical team augmentation until we realized that some of our unicorn clients require prefoessional help growing their IT departments – this is how NxTide was born.


Fast forward to today, we operate two brands. Pragmatic Coders helps you make the first steps where NxTide helps you to scale the operations.


Hopefully, we will have a chance to work together,

Marcin Dziedzic, Co-Founder of Pragmatic Coders and NxTide

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Our vision is to rewrite the rules of IT outsourcing market

Our mission:

Create a win-win situation for great business looking for exceptional talent, and for exceptional talent looking for amazing opportunities in the spirit of mutual trust and full transparency.

Our brand promises are designed to make us excel

Full transparency from day one, you will know the salary of every single employee as well as our profit margin

Possibility to hire proven, high-performing team members directly to your company

Professional representation on your brand on the local employee market

Our experience speaks for itself

Over 7 years on the market with more than 60 teams created and 300 engineers hired

Customer Service Leader of 2019 awards by World Agility Forum

Unique work environment where people are encouraged to take action and ownership

Meet our Management and Bussiness Consulting Team


Marcin Dziedzic

Founder & CEO


Wiktor Żołnowski

Founder & CEO


Maciej Miklaszewski

Service Delivery Manager


Anna Jodłoś

HR & Recruitment Manager


Wojciech Kniżewski

Consulting Manager


Dominika Słoninka

Sales Manager

Experience in Building Software Development Teams

Over 7 years experience in creating variety of software development teams

Over 60 teams and 300 engineers hired throughout years of work

Our seasoned IT Project Managers guarantee quality, stability and scalability allowing you to grow your business in the future.

What Makes Us Stand Out From the Rest on IT Market?

We believe that our “win-win-win” strategy is the best recipe for creation of a succesful and motivated software development teams.

Network research from over 500k professionals

We have developed a wide, professional network of IT Specialists, Managers. HR Consultanst allowing us to act fast.

Professional interviews with HR & IT Manager

We spent a lot of time on talks with candidates. We want to be sure that their experience will allow them to succeed.

Keeping up with tight delivery deadlines

We are always doing everything to deliver results on time. Usually it takes us up to 4 weeks to find quality candidate.

Communication & cultural alignment scoring

We believe that communication and soft skills are as important as hard skills. There must be a match between every member of a Team.

Candidate motivation & career happiness

We take care about people we hire. We want them to be happy and achieve success in their business journey.

Full transparency about the project and pay rates

We believe this is very important for many people. We are proud to pay fair money for talented people.

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