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Open Local IT Hub Faster with Build Operate Transfer model

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What is the BOT model?

The Build Operate Transfer model is designed to speed-up IT Hub delivery through cooperation with local IT Partner.

 The local IT Partner takes care of all aspects of running local software center until the full transfer of the ownership to the Client.

 The entire process is designed for speed up delivery so that you to need your local entity, management structures or the office to start.


How does the BOT model works?

Phase 1: Build

First, we setup your brand on our career website to make sure candidates are well informed. Then we run marketing campaings alongside direct search activities to attract the best talent to your future IT Hub.

Phase 2: Operate

Our Project Managers takes care of the onboarding, employee wellbeing and team building activities. Our role is to make sure everything runs smoothy so that you can reach scale with ease.

Phase 3: Transfer

Upon your request, we transfer the fully operational IT Hub to the Client making you the owner of the of it. You can can still take advantage of our support, so the cooperation and scaling can be continued.

In the long run the Build Operate Transfer model will replace traditional outsourcing models for bigger teams.

Here are some key benefits and differentiators when comparing to traditional outsourcing.

Your brand on local IT market

Every candidate is fully aware of your brand, company values & standards. We act as a intermediary company only for agreed period. This helps to create a stronger bond with a team.

Full transparency from day one

We strongly believe that a true partnership is not possible without trust and transparency. That is why we openly share candidates salary expectations, costs of operations and our profit margin with you.

Short time to market

We do our best to make sure first candidates will join your company after a month from the beginning of our cooperation. The entire IT Hub should be ready for transfer between 6-9 months.

Over 300 engineers already hired

Throughout many years of experience we managed to build one of the best recruitment teams on the market capable of hiring 15+ engineers every single month (subject to further scaling).

Mature IT processes

Although brand NxTide specializes in setting up IT Hub for international companies our rootes are in product development. We know better than anyone how to build amazing products, always happy to share our knowledge.

Post transfer support

We are committed to support you not only during our standard cooperation but also during and after IT Hub transfer. We can help estabilish legal entity, build management team and continue hiring.

Take a look at our latest success stories and case studies.

Learn how we helped Atom Bank to build a software hub in Poland with BOT model

Atom Bank was looking for experienced, high-quality programmers to complement the existing UK team and add engineering capacity. This is why they choose to cooperate with NxTide…

Learn how we helped Kitopi to scale it’s software development team in Poland

Kitopi was looking for an option to scale their software development team for ongoing and future product development needs.

Poland is a perfect location for a software development center for US, EU companies

Over 800 000 software developers and IT professionals are located in several academic cities with modern business infrastructure. Openning your local software development office is very simple.



Academic Center with over 120 000 software developers.

nearshore software development team


Academic Center with over 130 000 software developers.


Academic Center with over 80 000 software developers.


Industrial Center with over 60 000 software developers.


Academic Center with over 60 000 software developers.


Academic Center with over 60 000 software developers.


Academic Center with over 40 000 software developers.


Industrial Center with over 20 000 software developers.

NxTide deliveres variety of skills required to build a fully operational software development teams.


We will support you at every step of the journey.

We have created an unique environment and assets to provide our clients a so called “fast track soft landing”.


Project Managment Team

IT Project Managers are necessary for every IT project. Our management board have necessary IT background to support you.

Competent HR Team

Our seasoned HR Business Partners work very hard every day to deliver necessary skills to every software team we create.

Network & Know-How

We have a structrized operational models and developed business partner network that allow us to act fast and effcient.

Open your software development hub with experienced software partner

Here are some perfect examples of the latest companies we support. With our flexible terms snd conditions there are no limitations.

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