We help innovative, forward-thinking companies scale their IT departments.

Whenever you are looking for a full-product development partner, a group of engineers or a trusted party who will help you establish your own IT department in Poland – we got you covered.

With Over 7 Years of Experience in Software Outsourcing

We helped many small, medium and large companies with their struggle in building succesful remote software development teams or the whole IT hubs located in Poland.

custom software development services

Build Your Own Digital Product With Us

Looking for partner who will design, develop and manage your product? We have all the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to pick up this challenge.

Build Your Own Software Development Team

Looking to scale your existing project team or supply a missing skills? We can help you hire the best software developers, DevOps engineers or designers on the market.


nearshore software development team

Build Your Own Nearshore Software Development Center

Looking for a permanent solution under your own brand? We help companies to establish fully operational IT Centers, Software Development Hubs, IT Departments.


Did you know that Poland is the biggest IT talent pool of Europe?


Take advantage of Eastern Europe’s largest IT talent pools of over 800,000 professionals. Software Developers from Poland are ranked in the Top 5 positions in global IT skills ranks. This is why Companies are opening their IT hubs in the cities like Kraków, Warsaw, Poznań, Gdańsk, Katowice, Łódź.

Technical Education & Skills

Poland is worldwide leader when it comes to quality of IT graduates and software engineering scores.

Over 800k IT Professionals

Software Developers, IT Project Managers, UX/UI Designers, IT Infrastructure Engineers

US/ EU Work Standards

English language proficiency and familiarity with top methodologies (Prince, Scrum, ITIL)

Did you know that Poland is the highest-ranked destination in the world for IT outsourcing?

Quality score:

It’s not a surprise that companies such as Google, Amazon and Revolut have their IT departments located in Poland.

Technical Skills & Education 97%
Quality of Work 95%
Language & Business Skills 93%

Compose Your Own Software Development Team with Us

Our experienced Project Management Team will help you find & match the best skills with your needs.


Software Developers & Analysts

Over 700 000 Experts

IT Product Owners & Project Managers

Over 50 000 Experts

IT Administration & Security Engineers

Over 30 000 Experts

CX/UX/UI Product Designers

Over 20 000 Experts

"We were very positevely surprised by qualty of software development team NXTide has managed to collect in just 6 weeks. We needed strong technical skills and we got them"
Alex Stevenson

Head of IT Department

"At first we tried to recruit developers locally in LA. After this failure we have shifted our efferts to India and failed. Fortunetelly NXTide helpred us to scale the team with US quality level.
Terry Clavensky

IT Project Manager

"Germany is a very difficult place to find the top level software developers. Poland was our natural extension. NXTide has helped us to set up local IT Hub in several weeks."
Marina Schriff-Müller

Human Resources Manager

"NXTide & Pragmatic Coders have collected highly skilled engineering teams, available almost immediately We were astonished about their skills, passion and business acumen."
James McConnighan

IT Product Owner

IT Outsourcing, Offshoring & Nearshoring in Poland

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