KodyPay: Scaling a software development team for one of the best mobile payment startups.

Client details

KodyPay Ltd, UK

Product / service

Software Team Scaling

Project Duration

February 2022 –now

Team size

2-5 Senior Software Developers


About the project

KodyPay was founded in the summer of 2018 by a small group of final-year high school students. 22-year-old Co-founders Yoyo Chang (CEO) and Jack Howell (CDO) have raised US$6m to date at KodyPay. Today, KodyPay’s platform is growing to connect thousands of customers with venues across the UK each day.

Business challenge

KodyPay is on a mission to make in-person payment acceptance easy. Today, paying in person presents common problems for businesses, such as high cost, long queues, and limited choices regarding payment methods. KodyPay fully integrates the payment ecosystem so that businesses can offer their customers more control over their payment choice, making their transactions both quicker and more convenient.

Clients challenge here was to boost development process by adding experienced developers to their existing team and integrating them with the local team in Berkshire, England. We made a list below to illustrate it better:

Problems that Atom Bank faced:

  • – Shortage of skillful developers in UK pool and high salary requirements in the IT sector in the UK
  • – The shortage of local developers in Berkshire, England area
  • – Limited development budget
  • – Highly regulated financial market

Problems that NxTide faced:

  • High market demand for top-quality IT experts
  • – The shortage of IT specialists with a fintech / payment systems background
  • – The need to build trust between nearshore and onshore development teams

Business solution

After several meetings, both companies come to a conclusion. The solution would be to scale the existing software development team by hiring developers in Poland. Both parties agreed that additional team members will be added after some development progresses

Why Poland?

The chosen location was not a surprise. Poland has become a software powerhouse in the EU area in recent years. Here are some facts: – Poland is the leader of mobile and online banking. Nearly half of Polish population use mobile banking Poland was ranked 34th most digital economy in the World (according to Digital Intelligence Index, 2020) – In 2020 Poland participated in EU Code Week and was first from EU countries with the highest number of activities organized and attracting the highest number of participants (according to Digital Economy and Society Index, 2021) – Poland is of four biggest employers in R&D and ICT sector in the EU27 (among France, Germany, and Italy). (according to Digital Economy and Society Index, 2021). – The total number of software developers in Poland exceeded 600 000 in 2021, making it the largest talent pool in CEE region. – Poland has a great and modern infrastructure and legal framework allowing western-based companies to set up the operations much faster and in safer way.

Client’s testimonial

Maciej Miklaszewski

Delivery Manager, NxTide.

“This project proved us that we can create and manage agile software development teams very fast to help our clients in need. Our deep Product Development and Management knowledge surpised everybody as we are one of very few companies that are capable of doing more than one thing.”

Create a Nearshore Software Development Hub in Poland with NxTide

Over our 7-year company activity we have helped many US and EU companies to successfully build Software Development Teams and Software Development Centers in a variety of locations in Poland.
Interested? – Let’s discuss your case on a call.
Marcin Dziedzic, CEO of Pragmatic Coders and NxTide.


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